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Sarah has been a registered nurse for over 20 years. She is a nurse prescriber and has undergone extensive advanced training in aesthetics. She have worked in the aesthetics industry for over 14 years and also practice as an advanced nurse practitioner in the NHS.

She is registered with the NMC and RCN and is fully insured with Cosmetic Insure.

Consultations available.


Anaesthetic cream is available for all dermal filler treatments. Certain dermal fillers also contain an anaesthetic agent for comfort.

There is minimal recovery time after treatments, however it is normal for lips to swell considerably after lip augmentation for usually 2-3 days. Therefore it is advisable not to book any treatment immediately before a special occasion.

A follow up appointment after treatment is included in the initial price. It is the clients’ responsibility to make the appointment and attend.

All procedures are suitable for both ladies and gents. Minimum age 18 years (ID required)



1 area £165
2 areas £200
3 areas £250

Additional charge of £40 for men

*Supplemental charge of £30 for each additional area:

- Brow lift
- Peri-oral / Smoker’s lines
- Downturned mouth correction
- Gummy smile
- Bunny lines
- Dimpled / Pebble chin

From £165


(Hyaluronic acid) – Juvederm Vycross, Teosyal

- Naso-labial folds - nose to mouth lines
- Marionette lines - corners of the mouth
- Cheek augmentation - Replaces volume to the upper face which can have a lifting effect to the lower face. In younger clients, cheek fillers can be used for a more contoured look.
- Peri-oral sculpting - Smoker’s lines or barcode lines between the nose and the top lip
- Chin augmentation –-augmentation of a weak chin to balance the profile
- Jaw-line contouring - Sculpting the lower face to restore volume and contour to create a sharper and more youthful appearance.

Lip definition & Volumisation £250

Nasolabial folds/marionettes from £250

Cheek enhancement from £450

Tear trough correction £325

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty £325

Chin enhancement from £250

Hand filler rejuvenation from £250

Full facial rejuvenation from £800


Recommended course of 2 treatments £550
*course purchased in advance



One treatment



Face £200
Face & Neck £250
Face, Neck & Chest £300
Hands £150
Small area £80

Course of 3 **Recommended for better results

Face £550
Face & Neck £675
Face, Neck & Chest £800

Genosys 40ml SPF40 included with courses of 3.

**Courses to be purchased in advance


Face £65
Course of 3 - £165

**Courses to be purchased in advance


Face £80
Course of 3 - £200

**Courses to be purchased in advance