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From just £38, you can get high quality ear piercings with a range of beautiful jewellery to accompany it. All our earrings come in a range of sizes and hypoallergenic metals so you can decide on the exact style you want.

Our team are fully trained on using the Inverness ear piercing system and can help you determine the best placement for your piercing, give you aftercare advice and answer any questions you have about the process.

Inverness® Safe and Gentle Ear Piercing

Inverness are committed to making sure your ear-piercing experience is the best it can be by providing the safest, most technologically advanced ear-piercing system available.

The Inverness ear piercing system has fully enclosed sterile earring capsules to ensure safety and all our earrings use their exclusive safety back to ensure ample space and airflow while your ear piercing heals.

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3mm Ball (1T) £55

3mm Ball (10C) £30 2mm CZ (37C) £30 3mm CZ (32C) £35 Pink (39C) £35 Sapphire (89C) £35 5mm CZ (33C) £40

3mm Ball (14C) £30 2mm CZ (53C) £35 3mm CZ (54C) £35 3mm Aqua (173C) £30 5mm CZ (181C) £35

3mm Ball (159E) £30 3mm Clear Bezel (550C) £40

Ear Care Solution £5